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Sherwood Dental has been a fixture in the Oakville and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) since its establishment in 1969. The dentists, hygienists, and supporting staff believe in caring for the patient, as much as caring for their teeth. We value our patients, and stand behind our commitment to provide them with nothing but the best. This applies to areas of customer service, dental care, office environment, and staff. We strive to partner with our patients in their pursuit of pristine oral health, providing them education and services to that end. We work to deliver high quality care, offered in a timely manner in order to contribute to healthy and beautiful smiles.

Video Tour of Our Office

Dr. Paul M Eisner and Dr. Stephen H Gaines bring to you the Sherwood Dental clinic!

What a beautiful day to have snuck out of the office to have played in a team gold tournament! And I have good news for you, we have played 17 incredible holes one more good one, we can win the whole tournament. Well start us off and we will go right down the middle doc. My specialty is the center of the fairway let’s see what I can do. Wow! Right down the pipe! Great shot – I have got us in a safe spot I want you to get up hit this thing as hard as you can – and you know what I want you to do? Grip it and rip it! You got it! My God that thing is going to stay in the air forever – that is long that is far and is still in the air and you know where that can end up in? Oakville! Nice shot! Ah I see our doctors are at it again! What a wonderful opportunity while Dr. Eisner and Dr. Gaines are on the golf course for me to show you our modern and beautiful facility at Sherwood Dental. As you can see we have a very warm and inviting reception area when patients wit and even though it is a short time, they are more than welcome to use our internet or fax machine. We acutely do update all our magazines. We have our modern sterilization area. Our admin team is here to schedule your appointments and answer any questions that you may have. Our comfortable and bright operatories are equipped with intraoral cameras which are allowed to see in your mouth what our dentist see. Sherwood dental is the team dentist for Toronto Argonauts. Our office is a reflection of quality and professionalism. Exhibited by Dr. Paul M Eisner and Dr. Stephen H Gaines. A smile does last a lifetime. If you would like us to put a smile on your face, please call or visit us at Sherwood Dental. It would be our pleasure to welcome you and your family to our dental practice.

In order to understand Sherwood Dental, one must first understand our core philosophy of care, which is minimally invasive dentistry (MID). This term is used to describe dentistry that protects as much of the natural oral structure as possible, including teeth, gums, and bone. This philosophy is based on respecting the value that oral health plays in the role of a patient’s overall health.

We concentrate on prevention first, and offer restorative services, should the need arise. As the result of being an MID practice, we will choose the most conservative dental procedures possible to remedy a situation. Procedures and products used in our practice will contribute to the conservation of as much natural tooth structure as possible. Materials used will be reliable, safe, and strong, in order to achieve long-lasting dental restorations, which means fewer repairs and replacements in the future. At the same time, the quality of treatment will not be sacrificed, and services are designed to achieve positive outcomes for our patients, while coordinating as much as possible with natural overall wellbeing.

While we cherish our existing patients, we are always excited to meet new patients. We do not take lightly the trust placed in us, and will strive to earn the respect of our patients with every interaction. Visit Sherwood Dental to find out for yourself what makes us unique and the place that we hope you will make your dental home.


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Jenn L

The staff at Sherwood Dental have always been awesome. I never have to wait more than a few minutes for my appt, they are very prompt and efficient. They also always try to resolve my issues the first time I mention them. I feel that Dr. Gaines does not perform procedures that are not necessary, just to make money, as he has honestly told me before that I do not need certain things, when my previous dentist told me that I did (and Dr. Gaines told me why my other dentist may have suggested it, and why he did not necessary agree). Love these guys!

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Angie A

Fabulous Dental Practice - First off they value your time as much as you do. The entire team is happy to work there, which shows in the way they treat the clients. The equipment is top notch. I'm very happy even if they find a cavity.

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Jesse V

About as much fun you can have with going to the dentist. The professional and caring attitude of the dentists, hygienists, and office staff make you feel like part of their family. And if you and the Argonauts are lucky, you might get to see the Grey Cup along with a few players they look after.

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