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Preventative Hygiene

As dental professionals, we understand the role that preventative care plays in protecting the health of teeth and gums. Sometimes, convincing patients of that is a bit more difficult. Patients can contribute to their oral health by making healthy food choices, and by maintaining proper oral hygiene at home, including brushing and flossing. Also vital to oral health is regularly-scheduled professional dental visits. This provides an opportunity for cleaning where brushing and flossing may have missed, as well as examination by trained professionals. This aspect can be invaluable for catching developing problems early and resolving them before they become more severe.

Sherwood Dental cares for patients with products and services designed to preserve their good health. This will decrease the need for many restorative and perhaps even cosmetic dental services in the future. Despite the best of care, concerns can and do still present themselves; but with our prompt and attentive care, we will have you back to yourself, quickly and on the most minimally invasive way possible. By visiting us on a regular basis and not waiting for an emergency to arise, these instances should be few and far between.

Preventative hygiene delivers benefits to teeth and gums by preserving healthy oral structure, and decreasing risk factors for other conditions and diseases throughout the body. Professional cleanings is the only way to remove harmful tartar that can accumulate under and along the gum line that would ultimately lead to gum disease, as well as other complications. Examinations allow us to detect and address wear, cracks, or decay before they progress to a painful condition.

We utilize digital x-ray technology for safe and thorough evaluation of teeth above and below the gum line. Through placement of a small sensor, images are collected and instantly fed to a computer to provide more complete information for the dentist. This aids in accurate diagnosis and exposes patients to less radiation than traditional methods. These digital images can be enhanced for greater detail and stored easily for further assessments.

We believe that by working together on preventative oral hygiene, we will be able to assist you in enjoying a lifetime of beauty and health.


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