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Dental Implants

A modern and beneficial option for tooth replacement is the dental implant. Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth from root to crown, and can even be used as stabilizing supports for dentures.

Implants provide many benefits that are not available with other options. When teeth are missing, the overall mouth structure can be impacted. Bone can diminish, teeth can shift, and ultimately affect the bite and the surrounding teeth.

The procedure is a simple and painless surgery that is performed in the dental office. Following placement of one or more implants, a healing period allows time for the implants to integrate with the bone structure. A temporary prosthetic may be placed to provide more normal feel and function for the patient during this time. When healing is complete, a permanent restoration will be placed and secured, depending upon the treatment plan. Some restorations, including single tooth replacements are permanently fixed. These require no special care and provide a patient with their most realistic tooth replacement. In other situations, a patient may choose dentures secured with implants. Whichever option is best-suited to the patient’s need, the beauty and benefits are ultimately the same.

To have your questions answered regarding implants as an option for one or more missing teeth, call Sherwood Dental and schedule a personal consultation. During this time, we will carefully listen to you, as well as evaluate your unique condition in order to make the best recommendations for your care. There are various choices available as far as the material used to create the implants, and we will discuss these options with you. Implants are the ideal option available in dentistry to restore health, function, and appearance. For beautiful, custom-designed results, begin the process by making a call to us today.

Sherwood Dental
Rating: 5 5 Star Ratings, Dr. Stephen Gaines, Sherwood Dental
I have been a patient here for close to 10 years. It's a pleasant experience starting with the receptionist, the assistants and the doctors also. The equipment used is modern and they keep good records and take pictures at each treatment.

They will give you alternatives for treatments and take the time to explain you the benefits. There's a few of their tests that I pushed back - i just didn't see the value added. They just made sure I understand the benefits, but accepted my position.

At some point I even shopped around for a treatment, but their quote was very competitive, so I stayed with them and now I rate them high.

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Sherwood Dental
Rating : 5 Dental Implants Oakville - 5 Stars
Fabulous Dental Practice - First off they value your time as much as you do. The entire team is happy to work there, which shows in the way they treat the clients. The equipment is top notch. I'm very happy even if they find a cavity.

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