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Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth as well as the surrounding tissues. They are available in two basic forms – complete or partial dentures. Complete dentures provide a full set of replacement teeth. Partial dentures, sometimes also just called partials, are used in conjunction with the patient’s remaining natural teeth.

Dentures serve many purposes for a patient. They actually fill out the oral structure of the mouth left vacant by missing teeth. Dentures help to maintain facial muscles and prevent sagging. A patient who chooses to have missing teeth replaced with dentures will be able to eat and speak more naturally. They are also the source of more youthful confidence in being able to smile with a healthy, natural appearance.

At Sherwood Dental, a consultation with our doctors is the first step in the denture development process. This is an opportunity for the patient to ask any questions, as well as for the dentist to perform an examination. This is the time when recommendations will be made regarding dentures, as they pertain to the individual.

The next step is collecting a series of impressions and measurements of a patient’s jaw and mouth. This information must be precise in order to obtain the most accurate and comfortable fit for the patient. The selection of knowledgeable and experienced dental professionals like those at Sherwood Dental is very important. The measurements and forms will be used to create models that will be tried by the patient and adjusted to ensure the most precise and comfortable final product. Choosing the color and shape of the teeth for the dentures will be a part of the process, as well.

Once the models are complete, they will be used in the creation of the patient’s dentures. Once the finished product is received by the dental office, the patient will return for their final fitting, where they will be able to experience the restored beauty and function of a full set of teeth. Getting used to dentures may take an adjustment period, but after a brief amount of time, they should feel quite natural and provide many years of enjoyment.

Dentures provide an economical and dependable option for the replacement of missing teeth. Other options may be available for patients in place of, or to be used in conjunction with dentures, such as dental implants. To find out the best options to fit your unique situation, we invite you to call us to schedule a consultation.


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