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Finding Solutions to Denture Problems in Oakville


Finding Solutions to Denture Problems in Oakville Area

Dentures have long been an excellent solution for individuals who are dealing with unhealthy or missing teeth. Dentures are an easy, non-invasive way to replace missing teeth and reclaim a beautiful smile. If you are having issues with your dentures, we can help at Sherwood Dental serving Oakville, ON. Keep reading to learn more about denture problems and solutions.

Eating Problems

When you first get dentures, you may find that eating is a little bit difficult. You are basically learning a new skill, eating with dentures, and it might take you a while to get the hang of it. It is important to remember that eating with dentures will feel different than eating with natural teeth. If you experience your dentures slipping out of place while you are eating, try chewing your food evenly on both sides of your mouth. This can help.

Another issue people face while eating with dentures is that some foods can become stuck under dentures and cause discomfort. While you are learning to eat with dentures, stick to soft foods that are easy to chew. With time and practice, you will eventually be able to eat most of the foods you enjoyed with your natural teeth.

Speaking Problems

Another issue people deal with is learning to speak with dentures; again, this will take some time and practice. Your teeth are actually a very important part of your speech. People often do not realize how much they use their teeth to form words. One way you can help yourself is by practicing each day in front of a mirror. This way, you can make mistakes and learn how to form words more clearly without the added pressure of trying to communicate with someone.
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Denture Problems and Solutions in Oakville

Although the two issues listed above are considered common problems with dentures, sometimes more serious issues arise. Some more serious issues could include ill-fitting dentures, which cause sores or pain. If your dentures are not fitted properly, it can cause pain, discomfort and even increase your chances of infections in the mouth. This is a serious issue that should be seen by your dentist.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Sherwood Dental and Dr. Stephen Gaines at 844-951-8855.

Dr. Stephen Gaines

Dr. Stephen Gaines

Dr. Arti Patel

Dr. Arti Patel

Sherwood Dental

Owner dentist Dr. Stephen Gaines is an authority on restorative, cosmetic, rehabilitative, and laser dentistry. Having graduated from the University of Toronto, he earned his dental degree from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry (1997). He follows continuing education courses to keep up with dentistry developments. He’s a lecturer, trainer and Fellow and Founding Member of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry.

Dr. Arti Patel has extensive clinical experience in cosmetic/restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry.

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Jenn L

The staff at Sherwood Dental have always been awesome. I never have to wait more than a few minutes for my appt, they are very prompt and efficient. They also always try to resolve my issues the first time I mention them. I feel that Dr. Gaines does not perform procedures that are not necessary, just to make money, as he has honestly told me before that I do not need certain things, when my previous dentist told me that I did (and Dr. Gaines told me why my other dentist may have suggested it, and why he did not necessary agree). Love these guys!

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Angie A

Fabulous Dental Practice - First off they value your time as much as you do. The entire team is happy to work there, which shows in the way they treat the clients. The equipment is top notch. I'm very happy even if they find a cavity.

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Jesse V

About as much fun you can have with going to the dentist. The professional and caring attitude of the dentists, hygienists, and office staff make you feel like part of their family. And if you and the Argonauts are lucky, you might get to see the Grey Cup along with a few players they look after.

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