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Oakville dentist discusses common denture problems and their solutions


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For many decades, dentures have been an effective method of replacing missing teeth to restore functionality and give patients a natural looking smile. Dentures require proper care and can be susceptible to wear and tear. In order to preserve the longevity of your dentures, it’s important to take good care of them. In the following article, we’ll discuss some of the most common issues with dentures and effective solutions to each.

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Denture problem #1: Difficult speaking or eating

This is probably the most common concern among new denture wearers. Becoming accustomed to dentures takes time and patience.

When it comes to speaking, the best way to get comfortable with your new dentures is to start off slow. Take time practicing words that are difficult to say. Go slowly and don’t get discouraged. It may take a little time, but eventually, you will become comfortable speaking with your new dentures.

If you notice that your dentures are shifting while you are talking, a quick tip is to softly bite down and swallow. Eventually, you can practice doing this while conversing to prevent the dentures from moving.

To get used to eating, the first step is to start with soft foods and to try and chew with both sides of the mouth to prevent the dentures from moving around uncomfortable. Avoid foods that are hard or sticky and try taking smaller bites. Over time as you gain more practice, you will eventually be able to enjoy almost all your favorite foods.
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Denture problem #2: Taking care of them

How well you take care of your dentures will determine how long they last. Regular toothpaste is too harsh for the dentures and can erode at their material, eventually causing them to break.

To care for your dentures, you should make sure to always place a towel down on the counter prior to removing them. This ensures that the dentures will not break if they are accidentally dropped. Once the dentures are out, you can hold them under running water to rinse out any food particles that may be stuck. A special brush and paste designed for dentures can be used to keep them clean. Always make sure to soak the dentures in a solution overnight to prevent them from drying out and cracking.

Denture problem #3: Loose / ill-fitting dentures

It is normal for dentures to begin feeling loose over time. Without stimulation from natural teeth, the jawbone will undergo resorption, causing changes to its size and shape. When this happens, patients will need to schedule a professional denture adjustment at the office.

Denture problem #4: Gum / mouth irritation

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When dentures do not fit properly, it can lead to irritation on the inside of the mouth or along the gum. Patients should make sure to contact the office as soon as they notice that the gums hurt. This allows us to examine the mouth and determine what is causing the irritation. In many cases, a simple adjustment can solve the problem.

Denture problem #5: Bad breath

If you are experiencing bad breath, it’s most likely a problem with inadequate dental hygiene. Remember to keep your dentures clean and to also use a soft bristled brush on your gums and tongue to remove bacteria. Antibacterial mouthwash can also be helpful at removing bacteria and improving bad breath.

Even without natural teeth, it’s still important to maintain regular professional dental cleanings. If your bad breath is persistent even after an improvement in oral hygiene, make sure to make an appointment for an evaluation.

Dentures from Sherwood Dental in Oakville, ON are a great option for missing teeth, but it’s important to remember that will require an adjustment period. With proper practice, patience, and care, dentures can restore functionality and form to the smile while also eliminating the embarrassment that often follows tooth loss.

If you have dentures and would like to make an appointment to discuss your concerns, or if you have missing teeth and want to find out if you are a candidate for dentures, call us today at 844-951-8855.
Dr. Stephen Gaines

Dr. Stephen Gaines

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Dr. Arti Patel

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Dr. Arti Patel has extensive clinical experience in cosmetic/restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry.

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