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A dental bridge is custom-designed for a patient to “bridge” a gap that is left by one or more missing teeth. It is designed with the prosthetic replacement tooth or teeth, known as pontics, in the middle, secured with crowns attached to prepared natural teeth on each end of the bridge.

A bridge is a simple and economical way to replace missing teeth. It is not wise to leave gaps from missing teeth, as this can affect overall oral health and mouth structure. Missing teeth that are not replaced can cause difficulty in normal function, such as eating and speaking. It can also lead to a shift in the mouth’s structure, including other teeth moving out of place, as well as impacting the shape of one’s face. More complex problems may result as the bite shifts and no longer meets up naturally. Bridges also provide an aesthetic benefit by completing a patient’s smile. This can be very important to a patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

A visit to Sherwood Dental will allow for an evaluation and a discussion between the patient and dentist to determine the best tooth replacement solution. If a bridge is chosen, the procedure will be completed in as little as two visits. During the first visit, the teeth that will support the bridge, also called the abutment teeth, are minimally adjusted to accept the anchoring crowns. Following this adjustment, impressions will be made of the teeth in order to design a model which will be used to create the bridge. This is sent to a dental laboratory who will design the bridge to exact patient specifications. While this is being created, the dentist will, at chair side, the patient make a temporary bridge to protect the teeth until the permanent bridge is placed.

Once the permanent bridge is ready, the patient will return for the second visit. Where the temporary will be removed and replaced by the final bridge. The dentist will take the time at this point to adjust any little details in order to provide the most natural replacement possible with a precise fit. Once all the minute details are complete, the bridge can be permanently set in place. The patient is then able to enjoy their return to normal appearance and function.

Contact Sherwood Dental regarding your oral health care needs, and consult with us regarding sturdy and beautiful tooth replacement options. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff look forward to the opportunity to help you preserve and restore your dental health.


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