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VELscope cancer screenings

Oral cancer is a serious concern – something of which Dr. Stephen Gaines and the staff at Sherwood Dental are very aware. Cases of oral cancer are on the rise, even in nonsmokers. Oral cancer progresses to claim the lives of many victims; however, there is a high survival rate with early detection. For the best possible outcomes, regular oral cancer screenings are recommended for all adults. In addition to normal preventative care and oral examinations for any visible abnormalities, Sherwood Dental offers VELscope cancer screenings as an additional safety measure for early detection of oral cancer.

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We value every patient who chooses us for their oral healthcare. Because we take that responsibility seriously, we have chosen to provide VELscope cancer screenings. We view this as just one of the ways in which we fulfill our commitment to provide the patient with the latest and most innovative technologies available in the field of dentistry and oral health. We have chosen to invest in this technology for our practice in order to be able to provide even more support for the early detection of oral cancer, when combined with our conventional examination methods.

The VELscope is a handheld, wireless device that provides fluorescence to oral mucous membranes, illuminating areas of abnormality that may not be visible to the naked eye. This can be crucial in discovering potentially precancerous tissues that exist below the surface, which would likely go undetected at this point without this type of screening.

Patients considering the VELscope screening should be aware that the cost can be compared to the expense of the standard x-rays taken at regular checkups. This is very affordable considering the potentially life-saving information that can be gathered via this procedure. The examination is very brief and pain-free for patients.

We hope that our patients choose us because of our commitment to partner with them for their oral health, as well as to contribute to their total body wellness whenever possible. Call Sherwood Dental today to schedule your next appointment, and be sure to request the VELscope cancer screening annually as part of your routine professional care.


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